Community justice and anti-corruption forum. (CJAF UG) is a non-governmental, non-partisan and not for profit human rights, legal aid and anti-corruption organization established in the year 2007 by three young persons, with practical training and experience in human rights, governance, corruption and legal matters, we serve a broad range of vulnerable persons and communities, around us.

The organization is duly registered under the laws of Uganda i.e. The (NGO) Non-Governmental Organizations act 2016 (Registration No.6978), and further approved as law chambers by the Uganda law council ,to provide legal aid to the vulnerable and indigent persons/communities ,under THE ADVOCATES(LEGAL AID TO INDIGENT PERSONS) REGULATIONS 2007 (Registration No. CLA/018/2017).

Purpose, Vision, Mission and Values

CJAF UG is a wide broad based inclusive democratic, non sectarian, multi-ideological, multi-interest and progressive mass organization, Initiated to advocate and fight against human rights violations, property and land fraud, injustices, poor-governance and corruption, vote rigging and dictatorship at the grass root and also provide legal aid (access to justice) and counseling services to the poor, indigent and vulnerable persons seeking these services.

VISION: Strong social justice, democratic, corruption free, human rights culture, harmonious and prosperous communities within a strong and united Uganda and beyond.

MISSION: Enhance the knowledge, respect and observance of human rights and transform the communities from injustice, poor governance, corruption and human rights violations to a violations free and transparent society. 



(a) Client Care
(b) Teamwork
(c) Innovativeness
(d) Discipline                       
(e) Trustworthy
(f) Humane
(g) Transparency.


To promote, protect and compliment government’s efforts and donor interventions in fighting against corruption, human rights violations and social injustices, thus creating a coordinated, effective and sustainable human rights culture and access to justice in local communities all over Uganda for socio-economic, prosperous and developmental response to impacts of poverty, rights violations and corruption.