Through our professionalism and co-ordination with the local authorities such as the local councils, law enforcement institutions like the police, the law makers parliament, the directorate of public prosecution, the inspectorate of government and the judiciary (courts of law) and other NGOs,

CJAF UG has been able to ensure that the poor and vulnerable in our reach access justice free of charge, that respect and observance of humanrights,property and land rights, gender main streaming,fairness,free and fair elections, rule of law, transparency and accountability, prevails with in our communities.

With a team of professional Investigators, Paralegals and Advocates CJAF UG has been able to make critical follow up of particular complaints and cases linked to corruption malpractices; human rights violations, land fraud and other injustices inflicted upon our people, where we have often and always apprehended the culprits and justice has prevailed.

CJAF UG has always encouraged dialogue between any conflicting /disputing parties with a target to enable come up with a perfect memorandum of understanding thus resolving conflicts/disputes amicably, to the satisfactory of all parties involved.

CJAF UG has always used its team of legal and paralegal officers to provide legal aid, counseling services, legal representation and advice to the local persons in need of this kind of assistance where they have always appreciated our intervention.

This legal team also provides guidance and helps process any sort of legal documentations that may be required at all levels, with no costs involved; including letters of administration,affidavits,petitions,plaints,caveats, the vulnerable persons,disabled,elderly and poorest of the poor who can not afford private Advocate’s legal costs.

To easy our work in sensitizing the communities, we have always organized regular work shops/ seminars, communal rallies and group awareness schemes at various community segments to educate, strengthen and empower the local communities on issues of fundamental human rights, property and land rights, transparency and accountability, succession law, a corrupt free society, values of democracy, good governance and rule of law, in partnership with local, religious and cultural leaders,CBOs and other NGOs sharing the same vision.

Through the media i.e. local radio stations, local newspapers, special publications and our research and baseline survey team , we have been able to regularly   realize the need of the communities, wherein on top of our IEC materials, we have used the same means to disseminate information on access to justice for the poor and vulnerable, human/land rights, social justice, civic rights, domestic violence and petty corruption to the local communities in a variety of local languages to benefit all community segments.