We promote and protect human rights, succession rights for the girl child, women & widows, children & orphans rights, rights for the disabled and people living with HIV, land and property rights, gender equality and equity.

In Uganda today respect for human rights continues to be undermined in total disregard of the Ugandan constitution and other international human rights instruments to which Uganda is a signatory, when it comes to the poor, vulnerable and indigent persons its worsened given the fact that most perpetrators of these rights are wealthy individuals, government officials in positions of authority, politicians with influence, more much privileged than their victims.

The victims always fail to seek redress and or fail to get justice in their claims due to their vulnerability, cause in most cases the perpetrators are powerful individuals, well connected to the state, wealthy individuals, government officers in high positions and or politicians and these curtails there enjoyment of rights. Women and girls are the most affected when it comes to Property inheritance they are discriminated against by relatives and clan members restricting them to inherit property of their deceased husbands and fathers.

Our empowerment program has focused much on training and empowering the girl child at the grass root to be in position to assert for their inheritance rights.

We engage women groups at grass root level, village local council meetings, religious gatherings and community at large on human rights issues, land and property inheritance rights wherein we train and sensitize them on all these rights, empowering them to be in position to ably advocate and defend their rights affirmatively.

In partnership with the local authorities we have engaged the communities, have sensitized them on property rights, inheritance rights inclusive rights of the women and girls as enshrined in our constitution of 1995 as amended.

We have held school debates on the succession laws of Uganda and the rights enshrined thereunder for the betterment of all of us, we have disseminated information through IEC materials on rights and freedoms of persons without discrimination, on land and property, on inheritance, education and many more areas with an aim of creating a violations free human rights culture to better our communities.

We continue to mobilize, sensitize and create awareness within communities of concern on their human rights and freedoms as enshrined in the Ugandan constitution and other human rights instruments to which Uganda is a signatory.