We promote democracy and good governance by condemning and fighting against vote rigging, harassment ,illegal/unlawful arrests and detention, intimidation of voters/politicians ,vote buying and dictatorship within our communities.

Voter bribery, illegal arrests and vote rigging are rampant in Uganda today and Africa as a whole, the vice is slowly killing and tainting a bad image in our politics of today as our right to vote for a candidate of our choice is shunning.

AS CJAF-UG we condemn vote rigging and bribery, promote democracy and good governance by carrying out civic education in partnership with local leaders at the grass root, we educate, sensitize and empower local persons/communities on civil rights and freedoms to participate freely in all electoral process, to timely register for elections and be eligible to vote freely, to reject voter bribery within our communities,

We mobilize local residents and sensitize them on the importance of offering themselves as candidates for a position of leadership within their communities and voting for leaders of their choice and the benefit of good governance and a democratic society.

We monitor elections and make recommendations to government, electoral commission, parliament and donors on the electoral process needs of today, inclusive reforms of our electoral laws for the betterment of our people.

We organize school debates on electoral processes and reforms in our country with an aim of creating awareness on the importance of getting involved in our electoral process as a candidate for any elective position and a voter at the same time.