We advocate  for  a corrupt free society by condemning and fighting against fraud , conflict of interest , abuse of office, nepotism , sectarianism , embezzlement , bribery  at police stations , courts of law and local council courts etc.

Fraud involves obtaining property or anything by inappropriate means dishonestly, this would be through acts of coercion, misrepresentation, malpractice, duress/undue influence, false pretense and more fraudulent means as observed in our day to day life.

Corruption is an epidemic and is at most affecting our people, is within our communities, the vice is eating up our communities hindering development, the poor, vulnerable and indigent persons are the most at risk suffering in the hands of those in positions of power, the wealthy, those with influence, connections with the state inclusive politicians.

In Uganda today state institutions like the police, army and the judiciary mandated to promote and protect those in vulnerable positions have turned against the poor, vulnerable and indigent persons and instead abetted the wealthy, those in positions

of power and politicians to grab from them what is rightfully theirs mostly land.

This has been noted in numerous government sectors, commissions of inquiry, in parliament and communities at large spearheaded by some unrealistic, malicious, inhuman, government officials who have used their positions / power ultra- vires causing injustice to the unprivileged in our communities.

Conflict of interest, entails a dispute among 2 or more contending parties against the same/similar interest in a subject matter. This is common in determining land disputes, succession matters in cases of intestacy.

Nepotism and sectarianism, the former entails discrimination based on tribal/ethnicity whereas the latter involves discrimination based on political affiliation.

Embelezzlement (largely relies on the fact that) involves diversion of public resources / money / funds meant to benefit the poor, vulnerable and indigent communities for personal interest, this has in the past been realized among government officials who take advantage of their political positions to enrich their interests at the expense of a common person, this is why it is  in Uganda where government officials steal and sell on open market government drugs with labels (Uganda government not for sale) drugs expire while in stores at medical stores ,while Ugandans are dying daily in government hospitals due to insufficiency of drugs.

The above among others have left society vulnerable of social, political and economic injustice that has irreparable damage on the wellbeing of our people in local communities.

in that proper dispensation  of justice  is every day becoming  impossible  for the poor, vulnerable and indigent persons/communities  because  of the effects  of bribery, extortion, abuse of office and conflict of interest  at police stations , in courts  of law and resident state attorneys’ offices around the country, which  has marginalized  the magnitude of evidence  presented by victims  therein, among other factors.

As CJAF-UG part of our mandate  is to advocate for a corrupt free society and we carry out our activities in partnership with the local communities of concern, we empower communities to easily identify, respond and be in position to assert for their rights and fight the vices and impacts of the corrupt, we sensitize local people at the grass root to demand for transparency and accountability from their leaders in administrative positions for better service delivery, we promote transparency and accountability by carrying out awareness campaigns against both petty and grand corruption within local communities at the grassroot,we engage and train community leaders, religious leaders, cultural leaders and the locals at the grass root level on how to combat corruption in our communities, we hold school debates more in rural schools on the effects of a corrupt society.

This war on corruption can only be won with the involvement of local communities and the will of institutions and the president in combating the vice , thus focusing more on the population to fight corruption, with commitment to advocate for  a corrupt free society.