CJAF UG being an NGO initiated to carry out activities and offer services in line with its PURPOSE ,VISION, MISSION and OBJECTIVES under the NON GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS’ REGISTRATION ACT CAP 113, and THE ADVOCATES (LEGAL AID TO INDIGENT PERSONS) REGULATIONS 2007, we are focused on promoting, protecting  and up lifting the values and morals of human rights, social justice, good governance, access to justice, rule of law and fighting against corruption, further complimenting government efforts and donor intervention against corruption, human/land rights violations, social injustices and poor governance thus creating a coordinated ,effective and sustainable human rights culture and access to justice for the poor and vulnerable persons/communities all over Uganda for socio-economic ,prosperous and developmental response to impacts of poverty,corruption,rights violation and other related vices,  within the local communities, around the country, as cited below;